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read me

Category: Friends

erm im not tcc anymore! that was ... definitely an era (if u don't know what tcc is this blog is nawt 4 you) but im back! so hi spacehey EDIT tldr: ppl who dont know me please shut up uhm anyway im so sick of people  » Continue Reading

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Rain of Brass Petals (Three voices edit) theory explained - Silent Hill

Category: Games

The theory of this bonus song from the Silent Hill 3 OST is that each voice represents the first three SH games. Voice one being the original game, and so forth and so on. » Continue Reading

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Cry of Fear - A master blog

Category: Games

!! THIS BLOG IS A WORK IN PROGRESS !! Ive been busy with school coming to an end and also I haven't been super into cry of fear recently so I apologize for not being able to finish this If I got any information wrong in this blog, please tell me! Most of this is based on memory and I haven't really read about Cry of Fear since Nov » Continue Reading

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