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a safety post

Category: SpaceHey

this site is like 80% minors. alot of the other 20% are creepy adults and nobodys been saying this but theres alot of creepy !!minors!! that happen to be just a bit older that the others they prey on kids on here overshare way too much and i felt like i had to say this dont share info abt ur location (address, town) or places that ur currently at (roads, highways, buildings). if u do wanna make a ... » Continue Reading

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☆.𓋼𓍊 dni+byf 𓍊𓋼𓍊.☆

Category: SpaceHey

。゚☁︎。dni ゚☾ ゚。 ⋆ basic dni crit; homophobe, transphobe, racist, ableist, bigot ⋆anti therian/otherkin/fictionkin ⋆anti xenogender ⋆if you fake disorders pls go away ⋆if spam account ⋆pro israel ⋆antisemitic ⋆pro russia ⋆nazi ⋆pro/conshipper ⋆loli/shotacon ⋆if you support botdf/ian watkins ⋆。˚⛤byf: ≽^•⩊•^≼ miau ⋆im a minor so pls dont be weird ⋆i appreciate tone tags!! ⋆también hablo español, así q... » Continue Reading

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we need to talk...

Category: Life

i find it concerning that 11-14 y/os are making jokes abt sex in an extremely vulgar way. like not in the usual sex joke-esque manner, i mean in a very very explicit kinda hard porn way. and like its not even funny!!!! pls stop, things like this are pretty damaging for a child's development, and make u look like a fool online » Continue Reading

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why do ppl care so much abt what ppl online think abt them lmao

Category: Life

if some rando online tells u to go kys nobody cares and neither should u. block and move on. the world isnt gonna end if 3 ppl who probably pick their nose with their toes call u a r*tard for being a furry or smth. the mere fact that they wasted time out of their day to say smth negative abt you makes them below your level and u should js ignore them bc giving them attention is what they want in t... » Continue Reading

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theres some things ive noticed abt this site

Category: SpaceHey

theres been a major activity decline since winter break and most ppl who joined like jan-sep last year are taking very long breaks oftenbc they bored/quitting. ppl who've been here sonce 2021-22 and inactive. theres also common types of ppl to meet on here: the 12 y/o that has bpd, npd, osdd, depression, did, anxiety, schizoid, bipolar the edgelord that says shit like "i want to tear my heart out"... » Continue Reading

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heads up

Category: SpaceHey

hornyposting isnt kewl and saying ur hypersexual as an excuse is bs. regardless of if u srsly are, keep it 2 urself » Continue Reading

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Facing your traumas

Category: Life

this blog talks about suicide and self-harm and mentions rape, abandonment and abuse so if you aren't ready for that right now then please don't read this today Imagine having a large stone stuck onto your shoulder and you cant get it off. It keeps dragging you down and making you slower and it hurts alot. You can either let it bring you down or you can bring yourself up to the level of the stone;... » Continue Reading

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i need help

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Last night i dreamt that phones replaced dogs and ppl would carry their phones out for walks on leashes and dress them up and carry them to shows to see who had the most behaved » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

After constant pressure from my self friends, ive finally gotten twitter. it's not what it used to be, but meh » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

im on late s5 of the x-files and every episode im juust there like "MULDER, JUST KISS SCULLY ALREADY!!!" like i know they do later on so.... take the plunge boi » Continue Reading

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