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I'm not doing Verified Friends.

Category: Life

Unless I personally know you, I'm not interested in being a friend to your "verified" account. Why? From the SpaceHey Help page: "We currently only verify the Accounts of public figures and noteworthy brands/organizations." If you read my last post, you'll see that I'm actively against the coopting of the internet for predominately capitalist means. I don't want to be friends with your business/or... » Continue Reading

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{Long}I miss the old internet.

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

TL;DR: The internet is fucked y'all. It's being fed to us a la Wall-E. We need to mindfully consume the internet. Just like eating a whole bunch of junk makes you physically not well, ingesting a whole bunch of mental junk makes you mentally not well. Alright, y’all: Flashback time. It’s 2004-2005, you’re a older-teen/young-adult. Think about how you used the internet. It probably went something l... » Continue Reading

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Sci-Fi, or how my taste in fiction was colored by a modern dystopia.

Category: Life

I. Fucking. Love. Star Trek. Really, truly, I can not express how much this is a true statement. That said, I used to say I really. fucking. loved. almost all Sci-Fi. I remember watching BSG (2004) as it aired and being *enthralled*. Doctor Who was a staple in my life (I'm giving it another run right now). For the last 5 years or so, though, It's pretty much been Star Trek, Firefly, and then I avo... » Continue Reading

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Bring back the survey.

Category: Life

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF name:: JayCee nickname:: JayCee how old are you:: 31 zodiac sign:: Aquarius current location:: Internet eye color:: Brown hair color:: Brown/White hair type:: Long hieght:: 5'7" your heritage:: Complicated what's your middle name:: ********* shoe's you wore today:: None so far your weakness:: Lots of things your fear:: I'm not overfond of spiders have you ever ridden a mecha... » Continue Reading

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