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"🦇Internet surfing or drawing🦇"

🦴I'm 14, and i live in the uk🦴

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The tism

Category: Blogging

hey, i wanna know everyones special interests, random facts or shit like that. i mean anything idc if its not sterotypical  » Continue Reading

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Phych wards and stuff

Category: Blogging

Yo so I might be sent to a phych ward TwT I overshared with a docter and I have a feelin I might be instetutionalised,  I'm a little worried cause I don't wanna go to grippy socks jail TwT » Continue Reading

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Creepypasta Fanart

Category: Art and Photography

ive made a quick pfp for me and my brother of the woods brothers, its not the best but i feel like showin it so i am -w-  » Continue Reading

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Auto Dale

Category: Blogging

yo has anyone seen the autodale series?? i wanna talk abt it to someone but nobody i know has even heard of it TwT (its on youtube if anyone wants to see it) » Continue Reading

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Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Guess wo just spent a good 5 hours tidying his depression room, its me.  I still smells like a man cave but at least its tidy now :3 I feel very proud of myself rn » Continue Reading

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Halloween owo

Category: Life

what's everyone going as for Halloween, I'm going as ticci toby because as a toby with tourrets and daddy issues, it would be wrong not too. » Continue Reading

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Yooooo Halloween is cominggg >:3

Category: Blogging

Who else is exited for the spoopy season? Imma have to sit in a 4 hour car drove for Halloween TwT, hope everyone els eis havin fun tho :3 » Continue Reading

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