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Hi! I'm Michael / Marie / Nikolai(Kolya) / Edden (You can choose any name from here to call me..) I go by He /Him/She/ Her Hispanic (Mexican) I am a Minor.. 13-14 Taken Artist/Voice Actor/Animator/Cosplayer =3 Professionally Diagnosed w/ Bpd , Anxiety , And Depression! Autism (Self-Diagnosed) E/INFP + E/INTP (9w1) Spanish/English/ Russian (Learning) Poly sex ual / Bige nder  < 3 ! :  My Friends! ,... » Continue Reading

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> Homophobic , Transphobic , Xenophobic , Islamophobic , Etc.   > Racist , Sexist , Ableist , Discrimination , Etc .  > Invalidates A Person's Pronouns / Gender / Identity. > Pedos , Zoophiles , Etc.  > Proshippers , Comshippers , Lolicons , Etc.  > Flirty/Inappropriate 17+ Year olds. If you're 17+ but you're none of those types or don't do that around me then you're fine! » Continue Reading

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I Use Slurs That I Can Reclaim ,  Please Use Tone Tags on Me.. It Helps Me Understand More :) , I Make Sexual Jokes Sometimes, I Stuggle W Expressing My Emotions,  I Get Pissed Off Easily , Most of the Time I Talk Neutral (I Apologize if I Sound Mad), Im Sensitive to Cruel/harsh Words, Please Expect Me Feeling Empty Sometimes Which Makes Me Text a Little Dry,  Sometimes I Don't Know What I'm Doing... » Continue Reading

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