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Malice Mizer ·:*¨༺ ♱just spreading their supremacy♱ ༻¨*:·

Category: Music

Regrettably, my previous blog met an untimely demise, possibly due to website issues. But let's not be disheartened. I shall craft my narrative anew, gracefully weaving the tale of Malice Mizer's magnificence, because their legacy is too profound to be silenced (if I get hushed again I'm throwing hands). Imagine, if you will, a world where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, where the... » Continue Reading

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R.I.P Atsushi Sakurai

Category: Music

Just received the heartbreaking news that Atsushi Sakurai has passed away today, lost to us due to a brainstem hemorrhage. May he find eternal peace in the realms beyond. 🖤🕊️ » Continue Reading

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old skool kpop gems: the ultimate guide for kpop fans

Category: Music

heyyy kpop fam!  welcome to my first blog post! Let's have a blast :D This will be a short but sweet list of old skool kpop groups that every true blue kpop fan (or an ajumma kpop stan ;)) should know about.  Let's get started! /^._.^/\ hey kpop stans, welcome to the ultimate old kpop group blog! are you ready for a throwback sesh to the old skool kpop? buckle up, cause we're about to take a wild ... » Continue Reading

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music playlist - mid-2000s

Category: Music

#MemoryLane: Mid-2000s Cyworld Vibes BGM Playlist Freestyle - Y S#arp - My Lips.. Like Warm Coffee Humming Urban Stereo - Hawaiian Couple K-Flow - Forest of Dreams KISS - Because I'm a Girl Park Hyo Shin - Snow Flower Wonder Girls - So Hot izi - Emergency Room Brown Eyes - Already One Year Magolpi - A Delinquent Girl SG Wannabe - Timeless Turtles - Airplane » Continue Reading

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