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13 . she/they + neos aroace lesbian

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★☆ byi + dni !!!

Category: Blogging

★☆  DNI !!  -12 17+, dsmp/mcytwt (there is some acceptions, but if you like the big main dsmp people then pls kindly dni !!),  basic dni critera, anti neopronouns/xenogenders, homophobic, you dislike a lot of the stuff i like (there is no point in friending me since i'll talk about it a lot)  ★☆ ★☆   BYI !!  i don't talk that often, (when i do talk i literally don't shut up)  i normally only talk ... » Continue Reading

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introduction! ☆ (NEW + UPDATED)

Category: Blogging

hi! my name is noelle, i use she/they/star/halo pronouns. i am aroace + lesbian. i'm just here to meet new people and make friends :p  i'm not on here very often but i'll make small appearances every once and awhile. you can message me on twitter and discord if you wanna talk :D (i'm more likely to talk to you on twitter)  that's all for now, byebye!  » Continue Reading

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