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"yandere irl (i have bpd ;-;)"

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do not interact/ before you interact

Category: Friends

dni: tcc “community” (regular true crime ppl are welcome) anti-therian if your against neo/xenos homophobic/transphobic/racist etc. “swifties” ur of of those weird call of duty fans you sexualize people w/o consent byi: i age regress so if your uncomfy with that please let me know if i post anything that needs tws i will put them if you dont like that fuck off i may use petnames if we are close i ... » Continue Reading

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my fictionkins

Category: Friends

L - death note ticci toby - creepypasta hunter - the owl house larry - sally face micheal afton- fnaf if ur a fictkin from any of the same media PLZ add me ;-; » Continue Reading

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🩸✨🐾my theriotypes + otherkin types🐾✨🩸

Category: Life

fox coyote crow sparkledogkin  puppykin  ghostkin dragonkin zombiekin magicalkin cryptidkin vampirekin » Continue Reading

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