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block list(dni list + byi)

Category: SpaceHey

so basically my dni list is my block list cus its obvi that there useless as no one follows themm!!!! DNI ★ proship(zoophile, pedophile, etc) ★ bigot ★ anti-mspec ★ radqueer ★anti-contradictory labels (turigirl, lesboy, etc) ★ tcc(by that i mean ppl that idolize/romanticize serial killers or some shit) ★ support user “Attie (his ver.)” i will tell u why i dont like him if u ask. im not gonna be op... » Continue Reading

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deae diare

Category: Writing and Poetry

dear diare. today I lernd my 1st crs word bich dory diory Dear Diory. Bich Dear dior. I just lened the f word it is fuck » Continue Reading

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