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dni list and stuff

Category: Blogging

bmf!! - bsd, death note, moriarty the patriot fans - if you like james marriott, (old) panic at the disco my chemical romance, pierce the veil, car seat headrest, lucklife, fall out boy -likes poetry and literature and stuff -emo/scene/alternative thin ice -dsmp fan -genuinely ships frerad and irl people  -on the weird si » Continue Reading

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why i fucking despise jujutsu kaisen

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

(disclaimer, i have only watched the first seven episodes and haven't read the manga, these are only my opinions based on what i've watched until now) It’s EVERYWHERE. I was casually reading a bungo stray dogs light novel on wattpad for research and then BOOM, JUJUTSU KAISEN GOJO AND GETO MATCHING BRACELETS AD. I DO NOT want gojo and geto weird ship stuff, I JUST WANNA READ THE LIGHT NOVEL AND GET... » Continue Reading

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socials ^^

Category: Life

tiktok - vampv3xx twitter - HYP3_BOY_ instagram - hype89boy discord - vampvexx spotify - yumeno's rag doll ao3 - vampv3xx (im planning to wr » Continue Reading

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bsd characters rant because i love them too much

Category: Books and Stories

Kyuusaku Yumeno i hate that Q is such a small character in the series becasue i think they genuinely have the best character design and ability out of everyone AND ONE OF THEIR PUPILS IN THEIR EYE IS A STAR JUST AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSDFIHASEIFUHQWEOIURQWVBO I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and ev » Continue Reading

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