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D---> underrated muzic artiztz !

Category: Music

D--->all artiztz on Spotify  fishdinner - 91 monthly listeners  violet_dash- 416 monthly listeners MIDI bunny - 2,198 monthly listeners the dialt0nes - 67 monthly listeners imaginary best friend - 25 monthly listeners teenage hands - 641 monthly listeners flaming top hat - 186 monthly listeners Based Lychee - 1,850 monthly listeners » Continue Reading

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D---> my cat wrote thiz pozt

Category: Pets and Animals

jhjkjn  ol53\\ ,m, nhfvtgvfchyucvioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijnnj;nknlkjybugfewawsdcsdwdeddeccv tgrf 4  uiv » Continue Reading

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D--->bored AF

Category: Blogging

D--->  my zummer break ztarted a month ago, and I haven't left my house once, moztly due to the fact therez noting to do where i live, mental illnezz and I only have 2 friendz. Not having zhit to do haz been boring az hell+my phone broke. I keep watching yt iceberg vidz on my zpecial intereztez to keep myzelf fr » Continue Reading

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How do I drop ppl??? ^_^

Category: Life

Firzt I wanna give my reazonz on why I'm dropping them they zay zlurz they can't reclaim and today they said the n word and they've zaid the d zlur b4 I don't fw them anymore and their just zhit When they said the N word I yelled at them (Ofc) and everyone a » Continue Reading

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Online school :1

Category: Life

I've been going to school in person 4 awhile and this shit SUCKSSSS! 1! 1 it's boring & the kids act like crackheads :/ I'm going back to online school I had better grades in 2020 bc of online school :3 idc if " I don't have a social life" I can talk to ppl outside of school? I have friends outside school yk! ^_^ BYEBYE » Continue Reading

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