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17, He/She/It/Haunt, Silly Ghost therian, System with Autiadhd

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Category: Blogging

 DNI  !! all of my current DNI is here !! DNI ! . . . Basic DNI, fetishize mlm or wlw or queerness in general, romanticize abuse or mental illnesses, use slurs you can't reclaim, nsfw accounts, anti therian/Kin, think inducing paranoia/delusions is funny, Shit on fictives from problematic sources for just existing, shitty people in general.  BYI  !! all of my current BYI is here !! BYI ! . . . I n... » Continue Reading

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Bored of music? Well Heres some cool artists #1

Category: Music

Was thinking of making a series of random music i find lol !! ( If any of these artists are problematic, i do not know, I am just a simple music enjoyer) 1. Of Montreal 775,443 monthly listeners || Indie pop Fave songs : Gallery Piece, Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games, We will commit wolf murder Usually have somewhat queer tones, but mainly have wavy music and long ass songs lol. I havent... » Continue Reading

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Looking for more therian/Otherkin Friendzz

Category: Blogging

Hai im Casper and im looking for more Therian, Otherkin, Nonhuman Friends :DD I'm ghostkin and am a german shepard and red fox therian! Im mainly looking for friends i can message all the time XP but anypne is chill!! » Continue Reading

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silly posting #1

Category: Blogging

Goshhh im so bad at friending people on this webbsite xD, i got so anxious that i had to pace around my room too actually start addjng people » Continue Reading

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Helloo !!

Category: Blogging

Hi am Casper and im trying to understand on how to make friends on this website XP, If ur able to understand this website and are over the age of 15 plss be friends with mee ahhh!! » Continue Reading

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