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Eggless cookie recipe !!

Category: Food and Restaurants

Ingredients :  1 cup butter (salted or unsalted)  1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup white sugar  3 tsp baking powder a little bit of salt ( no exact measurement) 3 tsp vanilla extract 2 and a 1/2 cups all purpose flour  1/8 tsp cinnamon  1 cup chocolate chips   // STEPS // 1) on a stovetop in a pot, use 1 cup of butter and make brown butter, then pour into large bowl and mix with your 2 sugars and cinnamo... » Continue Reading

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Intro <3

Category: Blogging

hello ! call me Ghost , i'll probs use this account to post recipes , outfits , etc . my themes for my format will probs change over time since i make my own color palettes and the collage for my background . if ur ever curious abt a convo starter for some reason i know an unholy amount abt the fanfic my immortal , kagerou project , and evillious chronicles . feel free to message any time ! » Continue Reading

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