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Letter 2 a stranger

Category: Blogging

Tw transphobia, threatening Listen, I don't have much time, but what I want You to comprehend is the life of trans people and threatening. I feel terrible because of this. Since I have no idea who You are, I'm just going to educate You on what not to do. Don't be transphobic and don't threaten people, especially kids? You might be transphobic without knowing, so just avoid saying someone identifie... » Continue Reading

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Yeah I got my room

Category: Life

I got my room a week ago isn`t that c00l? Also my friend messaged me & told me they started work so that they can earn money & they have a plan on an escape. I told them that they should report their stepfather 2 the police, I hope they will see my message soon! I think they might be planning 2 buy a new phone they can use 2 text me without their parents knowing, or just run away, report the abuse... » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Since I have said I'll do it, I decided to write about subliminal stimuli. It's something that really helps me with developing a better life, so I wish I could spread the word so that more people get to know this wonderful technology. You will probably think I'm lying but I know what subliminals & LOA did to me, & so did they do to other people. Subliminal stimuli is basically meant to resonate wi... » Continue Reading

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story idea

Category: Writing and Poetry

so there`s this idea i named demolition lovers after a mcr song tw suicide murder so a man gets engaged but his fiancee kills herself the day before their wedding becuz she`s been cheating on him & doesn`t know what to do. when the man arrives at the hotel & finds her body he spots her lover who kills him as revenge but he is later haunted by the lovers i feel like writing this but if you want to ... » Continue Reading

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why am i here

Category: Writing and Poetry

why am i here to suffer in pain & agony forever no breaks just the people watching as my pale white body shakes tears fall down my porcelain cheek a little tearing doll is being struck in half by the thunder of debilitating melancholy i keep trying to hear the music i keep trying to heal the little kid who wants to quit existence i laugh everything out hide behind a little delicate smile as my hea... » Continue Reading

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