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im done posers

Category: News and Politics

yeh so i was going to update my blog with some more poetry and stop making blogs about fake emos cuz these losers never learn but i just checked my page and i see someone on my profile and they made a comment thats about a reply that i put on a scene blog calling them fake emos ((cuz its true fuck off the new scene is fake emo) and it says this Mf you calling posers “scene kids” because you said t... » Continue Reading

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Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

welp schools out for the summer and guess what fuckers i graudated with a high gpe but im not going to say it for my safety so yeh i see u fake emos still on my page well guess what yeh u guess right..............................FUCK U LOOL u guys probaly didnt even graduate because mcr is telling u to cut urself instead of going to school gtfo fake emos anyway (this isnt for the haters on my blog... » Continue Reading

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the poem of my fucked up life

Category: Romance and Relationships

i have a deep hatred for my ex girl friend julia. u have left a scar on my fuckin heart. u destroy my fuckin heart and u dont care lol. i send u a text u dont reply, u dont care. u dont care about my feelings. u dont care about my meloncholy dreams. all u care about is nothing? u dont care about anything i » Continue Reading

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dear spacehey and "emos"

Category: Blogging

alright so basiclly i go to check my space hey blog and guess what i see. yeh i see im on the main login screen and when  i look up my account it dosent pop up then i click on blogs to see if any of my blogs are still there and boom i see a blog saying garret got his account suspended so i guess i got fuckin banned well this is my new account i was falsely banned bec » Continue Reading

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