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Shimmy shimmy yaya zaza

Category: Romance and Relationships

Monkey time!!!1!1!11!!!!!1!!!!!!1!11!1!!!!!!!1!1111!!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!!!!!11!!11!!111!!!!!!!!1!1!1!11!!!!!1!11!!! » Continue Reading

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Todays mission

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Todays mission is to become internet friends with jonas rocket delonge because were the same age and im his type i know it dont argue cuz were gonna get married🕺🕺🕺 » Continue Reading

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lookin for blinkmates

Category: Music

by blinkmates i mean blink 182 fans not blackpink fans and please dont be 21+ as every single blink fan is like middle aged » Continue Reading

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tomorrow im attempting to get a pet fly

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

today i captured a fly in my bedroom and they said to freeze the fly to make it unconsious so you can tie yarn around its neck as a collar without it flying away then itll wake up and fly but i froze it for 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds and it died so im reattempting tomorrow   » Continue Reading

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