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"“Sleepiness Controls my Stupidity, Atleast… That’s how I feel!”"

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Another day, Another blog!

Category: Blogging

Goodmorning all of you spooky people! Hehe~ get it? Since Halloween’s coming up? As everyday passes- us highschool, middleschool- whatever SCHOOL your in- we are all dragged back and forced to sit in close quarters of others during this time! Which I don’t likey- buuuut… Schools important! And of course- the daily question is… What is today’s clothing theme? Today’s theme is… turtlenecks, sweats, ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Goodnight all of you adorable and sweet beans! Take care of yourselves, drink water, you are loved! Be the change in this world and show the world the real you! how amazing you are! night night!~ » Continue Reading

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Chilled nights with hot chocolate!~

Category: Blogging

Ahh!~ Such an amazing night to be sitting here with some hot chocolate, crystals, a beautiful Dragons Blood Insense watching the stars and moon go by, what a tranquil night! I can feel this is a good night for Making some moon water~ » Continue Reading

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The new “MySpace” and my Wishes for its Future…

Category: SpaceHey

Alright alright! My first post on here, and it’s going to start with my opinions so far… So- I was showed this site on Tiktok a few days back and decided to make an account! And- so far, I see some things I like, I have some opinions- and maybe ideas to evolve this farther than just a “MySpace 2007 clone” and maybe into something that could become something popular! Now ofc when I say popular I do... » Continue Reading

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