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politics suck mane

Category: News and Politics

erm so idk abt you guys but im just gon rant- I hate politics, sfm, like??? Yay democracy BUT WHY IS EVERYONE SO CRAZY ABOUT IT. VOTE RED??? VOTE BLUE??? I WILL NOT VOTE EITHER BC OF HOW FUCKING CRAZY ALL OF YOU ARE!!! The worst thing is that I'm probably gonna be encouraged to vote in like,,,, 18 months/?? ARGH. BOTH SIDES ARE HYPOCRITES WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!! Like ngl, both BIDEN and TRUMP... » Continue Reading

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About me! >_<

Category: Blogging

So hey, I wanna make a lil bit more in-depth thing about who I am, so that potential buddies can know about who I am and the such! Name: Fen/August/Jean (Any work xd) Age: 16 (2006) Gender: Female Pronouns: Status: Taken :D Dm's: Open, but I don't check often! Hobbies: Art (traditional & digital), blogging, physical exercise Religion: Christian!  Grade: 11th ... » Continue Reading

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So in loveeeee <333

Category: Blogging

I have such a big crush on this guy, he treats me so well and jdjjdkjdkjdfkskj Like, this isn't just an "I wanna kiss the homie goodnight" crush... THIS IS A WANNA MARRY MY HOMIE CRUSH. I think he might have some feelings for me too, we've fallen asleep on call a couple of times together... He's so cute ! I want to cuddle up in his arms and kiss him and I already have some of his hoodies 0///0  He... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Y'all I got a job and I'm honestly so fucking excited to start it and all! I honestly don't like that it's food related, but at least I'm getting more money than I got from freaking Mcdonald's -_- Instead of $8.00 an hour, I get $13.00 and it makes me happy djkajdklalkdjlkjadsjds  Wish me luck y'all! » Continue Reading

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