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quitting spacehey (big rant oooo)

Category: SpaceHey

spacehey would've been a great website if it weren't for the fact that a lot of people bring in their dumbass tiktok mentality where they can shout at anybody they deem "immoral", it's absolutely fucking annoying. I know a lot of stubborn and stupid people exist, but holy fuck I have never felt that more from spacehey. The fact that it has no algoritihm is a good and bad thing at the same time, be... » Continue Reading

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PSA: Pedo hunters and vigilante justice (+ resources and hotlines)

Category: SpaceHey

We all hate pedophiles. I hate pedophiles, you hate pedophiles, we all want them gone. I've notice there's a pedo issue due to lack of moderation. Right now it's up to the users to deal with pedophiles and actively call them out, and I'm glad we're having a collective effort but at the same time I see an issue in correlation to this. Some people are potentially putting themselves at risk. The PSA ... » Continue Reading

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Nina Ichihara!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

「 ...Can Nina really try on lot of kigurumis? In that case, Nina's fine with aiming to be an idol together, okay? But Nina absolutely doesn't want you to make her lonely at all... Is that fine, Producer? 」 Basic stuffs Full name 市原仁奈 (Ichihara Nina) Age 9 Height 128 cm Weight 29 kg Blood type B Three sizes 61-57-67 cm Handedness Left Horoscope Aquarius Hometown Shizuoka Hobbies Collecting kigurumi... » Continue Reading

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Stoicism: Being stoic and being a stoic

Category: Religion and Philosophy

What is Stoicism? Stoicism, to me, is like a framework for life. It's not a principle you have to truly follow 1 by 1, it's an unrealistic ideology when you try to follow it strictly, but when you think carefully it could greatly help you think over some things in life if you define what can and cannot be achieved when having this mindset. After all, one of stoicism's core ideologies is to live al... » Continue Reading

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Spacehey is so silly

Category: SpaceHey

I woke up from my beauty nap, got on spacehey and check out some top blogs to read, and one of the first stuff I see is someone making a list of people they don't like and showing off their profiles. Now blog posts are personal (I mean you shoulda keep your petty drama shit private because you look like a spiteful person) but at the same time, how the hell did that become a top blog?? It's literal... » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

This happened like a couple days ago, I was out for a bike ride since I'm basically a shut-in who does nothing all day. I returned home all sweaty because I was very tired even though it wasn't that much. Now I keep my bike at my dad's house (don't ask me why, it doesn't matter there's no sad big bad story LOL) and there's this house dog. He's really cute. Everyone who doesn't live in his house ca... » Continue Reading

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