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how to get user id numbers

Category: SpaceHey

here is a tutorial so you don't have to go into the page to grab the block and report links,, or if the person has a unique url. right click on user's profile picture or name,, » Continue Reading

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how to resize gifs / images.

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

the height has to be outside of the end quotation mark for the url of the image / gif. both have to be in quotation marks for it to work. » Continue Reading

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why i dislike callout posts.

Category: SpaceHey

M'KAY. some callout posts are alrighty, especially if the person did some real bad shit. like predatory shit. or just plain-up racist shit. BUT. if the situation can be solved BY FUCKING TALKING IT OUT??? DO NOT!! and i repeat. DO NOT !!! MAKE IT INTO A CALLOUT POST. TALK IT OUT. COMMUNICATION IS KEY . JUST LIKE HOW IT IS IN  R » Continue Reading

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id like to publicly announce...

Category: SpaceHey

that i am alpha. not anyone else. i am true alpha sigma male. and i growl!!! i growl and bite anyone who tries to oppose me and my alpha sigma-ness!!!!!!!!! i am the true alpha sigma male!! better than any other male or the like!!!! I AM THE ULTIMATE ALPHA. (very politic » Continue Reading

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'therian hunters' are fucking stupid.

Category: Blogging

So.. I've been on Therian TikTok before and things like that because of Furry TikTok. And therians are awesome! Really kind people too. And what people do on there is really creative and fun! Like the masks! They look awesome! And the quadrobics? Fucking AMAZING!! It takes a lot of strength to actually jump as high as they do. But then their comment sections are filled with shit from so-called 'th... » Continue Reading

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