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CSS for bulletins

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

The style tag isn't allowed in bulletins, but you can add something called inline CSS. That just means you can add CSS to regular HTML tags, like divs or imgs. Here's code for adding a transgender flag to the background. Just add this anywhere in your bulletin post. » Continue Reading

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Fluid YouTube embeds

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

This post assumes you know some HTML/CSS. If you want to embed a YouTube video, you might notice it doesn't automatically resize. Adding width="100%" to it doesn't work either, you'll get the wrong aspect ratio for your video. Here's one way to fix that. First you want to wrap your YouTube embed code in a container like a div. I added the class name "embed" so I can later refer to it in CSS. » Continue Reading

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Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Can’t believe it’s almost 2021! New Year’s resolutions! I’m already making progress on these, but they’re still fun to make. Feel free to post yours too! I want to continue skateboarding and keep having fun with it. Not very specific, but I’m already doing it! I want to get far enough into my game project to create a Steam page for it. I know realistically the game won’t be done by next year, but ... » Continue Reading

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Hey space heads!

Category: Blogging

Hello! I thought I’d start using this as a personal blog. I’m excited to read everyone else’s posts! I go by Eva, I’m an independent game developer. I blog and Tweet about that. I mostly joined to reserve the URL tbh, but I like the small community that’s here so far. Probably expect posts about what I’m playing or listening to, or really about any of my interests! » Continue Reading

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