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"Mia Farrow is an asshole."

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Category: Writing and Poetry

Making acrylic splatters, colorful and vivid. Video footage of a pretty, blonde girl hugging a canvas to her chest. Etches and scribbles on the inside of your arm, inherently provokes the off switch. Curtains drawn. No one has time for that shit. » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

In dreams you can't avoid me. I can have a conversation without skipping right to the ending. Where you look at me despairingly, with those stupid spheres of moon dust. Most of my shit sits here, still collecting dust. I could care less. Because inside, I know I don't belong here. My existence has this gravitational pull about it.  Connecting your fingertips to my face for just a moment. They rest... » Continue Reading

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I am 27 now

Category: Life

I turned 27 recently, I had a relatively nice birthday, I went to my favorite place in Chicago to eat--Little Goat Diner, there was even a custom made cake waiting for me on arrival. That's more than what a lot of people can relay about their birthdays when edging near the dreaded 3.0. I even went to the Monet Art exhibit,  which provoked existential thoughts of course--'What will people remember ... » Continue Reading

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