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Why do people hate the idea of quitting social media so much, a journal entry.

This is a transcription of a little text I wrote in my journal. So, let's begin.
People hate the idea of quitting social media for some reason. It's like some kind of catastrophe. In this entry I will try to find out why.
 Why do they care so much if then, when you leave, they seem to pretend like you don't exist.

 I wanna detach from it but people really don't get why. I don't NEED to know people's bussiness 24/7 and they don't need to know mine.

 It's like they can't accept that socials are addictive inherently. Of course there is a way to use them responsibly but I just don't feel like it. Why use something that actively stresses me out? I just can't comprehend it

Do they want to know my bussiness or what?
They care so much about being connected but social media can disconnect you so much.
I can inform myself other ways. If something concerns me I'll know for sure.

What do they put in those that makes them so addictive?

Where's the info they claim to get? It's just ads and more ads.

I don't want my life to be dictated by a stupid platform I wanna be free.

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