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my coworkers r getting on my damn NERVES!!!!!

my coworkers r acting so dense i swear!!!!!!! they asked how much we were gonna get paid 4 december, bc we r only working til the 19th not the full month, n i told them that last year we got our full monthly pay even tho we didnt work the whole month. but no one listened 2 me n they were freaking out, talking abt contacting management 2 make sure they “get paid right” … ive worked here 4 a year n a half but the ppl who r new think im wrong?? n its time 2 riot?? 

n like… if ur “getting paid right”, then u wouldnt get our full monthly pay. bc we arent working the full month. yeah i dont want that, but technically, that would be fair. so why r u throwing a fit over the possibility of that happening when NO ONE said it would!!!!!!!!! 

n i guess i looked like an ass in the group chat. bc i said essentially “lets stop freaking out abt something that im 99% sure isnt gonna happen 😭” n someone responded “we arent freaking out. if we get paid the full monthly pay, then we’re all good☺️” n three ppl liked it GRRRRR

like. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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