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18 or 25

alr so, im not 100% sure which one im gonna choose but basically im thinking about killing myself after i graduate highschool (ill be 18 then) or killing myself after i turn 25, idk if  ill stick with this but idk man, life is just, hella weird yk, i really dont know what to do when i get older, im afraid ill probably end up like my dad which is the one thing i just would not want to do at all. but idk man shits silly and im kind of just idk, confused about everything, the little things that do keep me comforted and just put me at ease i know i wont be able to do forever but, yeah, if anything ill probably do it after i turn 25, that seems like a good amount of time spent and idek  anymore man, yeah, i dont really know who to tell this to so thats why im making it into a blog, so yeah man, shits silly  

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