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alt quiz thingy

1. Are you more Scene or Emo?

definitely emo, black hair and black clothes. i use colored hair extensions sometimes, but i'm more into baggy black clothes with a few neons and maybe some scene prints.

2. Were you ever into Never Shout Never?
no D: i have no idea what that is

3. Fringes or Racoon Tails?
fringe every day of my life since kindergarten! but i want to do raccoon tails on my extensions

4. Bright and colourful hair, or dark black hair?
dark black hair {like my soul} bright colors are too expensive to maintain

5. Gloomy bear or Hello Kitty?
i had a sanrio phase before it was cool! i used to love it until i was maybe seven or eight and now i buy some stuff sometimes

6. How often do you shop at a Hot Topic?
every time i go to the mall

7. How many band posters do you have up?
uhmmm only one because i got it for free, and i don't have a lot of space, but imma get more when i get a job!!!

8. Have you watched Invader Zim? If so, who’s your favourite character?
i haven't watched it much but i like gaz

9. Opinion on Gerard Way?
100% would have been a groupie//would have fucked him if i was actually alive during his prime

10. Waffles or Tacos?
tacos, so many more options, less decadent

11. Have you played Gaia?
no :{

12. Dear Maria or Check Yes Juliet?

13. Do you drink Monster?
i asked for a 24 pack of the orange dreamsicle flavor for christmas

14. Have you had a scene phase before?
not specifically scene but i got into scene styles sometime this year

15. Do you make Kandi?
no but my bff promised to teach me!

16. Do you wear a lot of Kandi?
i dont have any unfortunately

17. Do you have a Blingee account? And/or make Blingees?
i had to look up what that is lmao

18. Are you a furry? If so, what’s your fursona like?
i'm not! if i had a fursona, it'd probably be like a skunk or some cool shit like that

19. Do you listen to BVB, AA, or BMTH?
bring me the horizon mostly but black veil brides is cool too!

20. Do you have Funko Pops?
i used to collect them here and there but now i only have a poison ivy one, a ron weasly one, and a gudetama one

21. Do you watch Anime?
yep! ever since second grade

22. Do you play Animal Jam?
yes!! always the bunny avatar

23. Are you okay?
{i'm not okay i promise}

24. Are you Lol Xd Randum??
:3 XD

25. Opinion on Nyan Cat?
nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

26. Big hair or big accessories?
accessories because i'm mostly too lazy to do my hair up all fancy

27. Did you ever have a MySpace? Do you still?
i was born in 2008 what do u think

28. Want any emo/scene tattoos?
yess i plan to buy a tattoo gun off amazon

29. Have any emo/scene tattoos?

30. Do you like Furbies?
enough to appreciate their girth

31. xD, Xd or XD?
depends on the tone

32. Do you like Care Bears?
i called them salty when i was in preschool but i like them now

33. Is Avril Lavigne a clone?
she's a product of her era lol

34. Do you want fangs?

35. Does emo/scenecore make you happy?

36. Have you dyed your hair? If so, what colours and how long ago?
i bleached it once, and i've dyed my hair black, virgin pink, and auburn to cover up shitty black dye that turned green

37. Do you want/have any piercings?
lobe piercings that i did myself, but i want to do snake bites and maybe a nose, maybe the bite marks on the neck

38. Do you wish you were in a band?

39. What Warrior Cats clan are you in?
starclan because i'm so emo i would've already killed myself in those books

40. Is Gir annoying?

41. Have you ever played Imvu?
yes, never spent money on it tho

42. Are you a Killjoy or a Youngblood?
if killjoy refers to mcr then im that

43. Do you have any emo/scene friends irl?
literally one who actually dresses like it

44. Who’s your favourite scene/emo blog?
mine bc i dont know any others yet

45. Do you wear Converse?
im too broke, i would though

46. Does “Rawr” mean “I love you” in Dinosaur?
rawr XD

47. Favourite Pokemon?
mimikyu and chimecho!!!

48. Do you like Decora fashion?

49. Do you like Sparkle Dogs?

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