One more im sorry😭

I try not to post more than one bulletin a day, but I had the weirdest customer experiences. I'm not sure really what category this Classifies as 

1: I had an old man rant about how (place I work) isn't as good as it used to be and that we need to re elect Trump so it (as well as every thing else) can get better and so that we can "put God back in the picture" it was like a 10 min lecture I'm just shortening it) 

2: a guy asked me if his order was "for 2 white people" and this is how the convo went 

 Me: what?

Him: "is this for 2 white people? "*

So I read the order off to him* 

Him: "yes that's correct. Would 2 white people like it? I heard it was white people food. Is it white people food? "

 Me: 0-0 "I'm not sure sir I'm celiac and can't have it but allot of people order it"

Him: "celiac. What race is that?" 

Me: "celiac disease? "

Him: "oh never mind I didn't know what that was I thought it was a race" *drives off* 😭😭😭

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