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How are you?

I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore, I’ve lost motivation for everything and gained almost 40lbs. I wish it was still the end of last school year😭 but wtv it’ll get better eventually. My mom said she’d pay for my abraud thing but I kinda lied and said I’d do it later and no matter I’m 90% sure she half assed it anyways. Which is okay I mean I understand with our current financial situation but I wish we were rich or something. I wish we never moved from our pretty house in the suburbs even though I like the nature better. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to worry about anything important to me like that. But things are never easy Ig. Planning on making Yt videos as I got a camera to do so, and just doing the highest paying ones or sumn I enjoy in case there’s a small chance I can peruse that as a career. But I miss before I guess. I’m glad I’m alive though even if nothing goes as planned, I like sitting outside in the mornings when no one is awake yet listening for the birds to start singing and watching the woods around me (excluding the sound of the stupid fucking highway ofc) Try it sometime, it’s nice.

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