- my personal boundaries -

1. for me personally, i perfer not to have any sorta sexual relationship; even when i am of age, i do not want one and im not exactly comfortable with any sexual behavior. Although, kissing is okay. Cuddling is also fine aswell; and yes although i am very clingy, i perfer my s/o to respect my personal space as i try to respect thiers. Also, i dont entirely know if id be interested in 'making out' though, and please dont pressure me into giving a solid answer with that stuff. i guess jokes are fine, but any sharing of nsfw or something like that is not okay.

2. since im working on myself, i may not be online as much; so please dont worry alot. it makes me feel like i did something wrong. 

3. i dont want my relationship to be secretive; what i mean is if you have a concern of something in our relationship, please let me know. if something is going on in your life, please tell me if it interferes our relationship.

4. id perfer to know if you are who you say you are, so possibly face reveals will be necessary. if you are uncomfy with that, its okay; but we still need to know what we look like.

5. i dont know really what else to add; but i will add on in the future, thanks for reading!! :)

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