DNI(+) List


Proshippers/Comshippers/Anti-Antis, whatever you wanna call a degen

Basic DNI*

Ranfren fans, Alfred's Playhouse fans, BlueyCapsules fans, DSMP fans, Orion Experience fans, MSI fans*

People that glorify murderers, disasters, shooters, etc (THIS INCLUDES ZERO DAY FANS)

Endogenic "systems" or other -genic systems that isnt TRAUMAgenic


People 18 or over*


Scene people

People around the body's age (14)

Anybody that likes similar stuff to us!!!!

Other systems


Basic DNI = Racists, Transphobes, Homophobes, Zionists, Misogynists, Sexists, creeps

Fans of fandoms on the DNIs = Does not include fictives as long as you do not support it

(18+)= Feel free to add me if your over 18 and you can still talk to me but we are cautious

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