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Day 20 of Making Room In My Pocket For A Little Spare Chang

DAY 20? WHAT? DAY 10 WAS LIKE YESTERDAY. HOW IS IT THE END OF NOVEMBER? WHERE AM I????????????? i genuinely swear we hit double digits like two days ago. how did we double it already. what. 

- Physical Activity

I went on a walk and it was nice. I walked further down my favorite path, and sat near the ranch-like house that i like looking at. They have two really pretty horses, and i think horses are so pretty ;; ive ridden them before and want to again. They’re so gorgeous. 

The walk was very nice, i even swung on the swings near my house for a while. Then i went home and sat outside some more. I got kinda emotional just sitting on the curb for some reason, who is surprised. i cry easily. and then i heard a knock on a window, turned around to see my mom holding my cat, waving at me through the window very excitedly. Basically telling me to come inside, she gets worried very quickly. But that just wanted to make me cry more, im so grateful to just be here. ahhhh

So physical activity, done. Good. thumbs up.

- Schoolwork

Yeahhhh i didnt do anything uu my bad.ill do better tomorrow and the rest of the week, probably.

- Art

I just went and doodle for like twenty minutes just cause i noticed. I DIDNT DRAW. and didnt want to miss another day, so here r the doodles uu 

oh also these r digital!! i dont do digital v often. 

- Organization 

Vacuumed and mopped my room thumbs up its already clean and organized otherwise! Yaay!

- Socialization/Attitude Improvement/Event participation

I did driving practice with my older brother for half an hour. He said i exceeded his expectations. YEAAHHHH GRAAHHHH i am still too afraid to go into traffic. It is what it is, progress is progress!!!

OH and then me and my group of friends, including my best friend, played Lethal Company!!! IT WAS VERY FUN.  And then we played gartic phone for a bit! 

Here. have a doodle my friend made of me screaming crying in vc because i couldnt think of a prompt. Yeah. 

and here's my own doodle of me bc someone made the prompt "[ISCARIOT] is hungry too now. God." because me and my buddy were complaning about being hungry. 

- Hydration! 

I was well hydrated :DD 

- Healthy eating habits. 

I ate well!! But then i also had. Some brownie cake my dad made and oml. BRO HAS NEVER BAKED IN HIS LIFE BEFORE AND IT WAS SO YUMMY AND DENSE. Think Ulker Olala Sufle Cakes. And now there’s an entire tray of it. I only had 1 piece, but it was so dense with flavor and sweetness, IT WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH! So i dont regret it. idc it was yummy! ill do better tomorrow, and ill actually try i swear.

- Learning something new! Does learning some driving tips count? :,3 otherwise i havent been on top of my learning game. I havent been in the mood to watch video essays or do my own research im curious about or anything…so i dunno!

Today i am thinking about Blue Flag. it’s one of those mangas that make me feel a lot, and i think describes the queer very experience well. At least different aspects of it. especially ones ive felt and personally struggled with.

I miss Blue Flag. it’s one of those things i read again and again, and never feel tired of. Its so good. Definitely made me cry too but…look its so easy to make me cry but this was one of those aggghhhh. Agh. waauuaghhh. kinda sobs. yknow? I think i will reread it sometime this week, and it'll probably motivate me to draw. 

BUT! Luciel also gave me a few manga recommendations a bit ago, that had some emotional stories and I already read one AND IT MADE ME SOB IN PUBLIC. IT WAS SOOO SAD. i wish i had some shame when it came to expressing my feelings, because i didnt feel bad at all crying in public. im very expressive

Music! Today feels like a Her’s. Specifically their album Songs of Her’s. All of it. Specifically Cool With You, What Once Was, and Speed Racer. Each of them are so special to me!!!!!!! So very special!!!! And today felt like all three tracks!!!!

Their music makes me want to write love stories!!!! Honestly, a lot of my stories are coming of age stories that include love. I love Love so much. I wanna write about it all day ;;

God Marcel by Her’s is also so beautiful. 

No turkish section…im so sleepy….and i dont think i can properly articulate myself in turkish at the moment ;; or a few more moments. give me a sec to regain my turkish confidence kay? It’ll be fine.

Also, I am thinking about maybe changing the daily entries format! :O i think it could use some new formatting. New priorities. Change is good, it keeps things fresh. uu it's important. 

thank you for reading!!! ^^ see you tomorrow, buh bye!!! goodbye now!!!! bye now!!!!

he's so gorgeous. i want to draw like this. he's so beautiful

sigghhhh its so beautiful. i want to draw comics too. i need to get better. should i also give myself 4 years like fujimoto did

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honestly i can't believe it has been 20 days too??? like... when?? ANYWAY LET'S GO CHAMPP!!!!

i'll check out blue flag today!! i've wanted to read it for a long time. and your digital art looks amazing ^^

also, i'm curious to see what you will change about the format :D (add a sleep schedule section if you're going for something similar /hj)

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and you should try to levitate, that's a big career turning point for fujimoto imo

by deniz🌈; ; Report

omg omg i hope you enjoy it :DDD Blue Flag is honestly really good and if it's on your reading list, PUT IT AT THE TOP! PRIORITIZE IT! ITS REALLY GOOD!
and thank you thank you i appreciate your kind words!! ^^

please fdjghdkfg i think i unironically need to add a sleep schedule section ;; its way more concerning than my hydration. will think abt it further uu

ALSO LMAO will upload levitating video and tutorial just you wait. and then i will be able to draw the way id like uu

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

YEAH I'M PUTTING IT AT TOP!! i could read only a bit, but it's pretty good so far ^^ i love the characters and will tell you my thoughts about it later o7

levitating tutorial is needed fr. also, you should pretend to be a Filipino, that's important too!

by deniz🌈; ; Report


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Your drawings look just as good digitally, usually there's some kind of dissonance between digital art and traditional art when artists switch between the two but yours is consistent. Also, I'd say learning to drive counts, shit's hard sometimes.

Also, the eerie thing is, I decided to play some music while reading this, I shuffle my playlist and Marcel by Her's is the first song that plays. I forgot how good they were, thanks for the reminder.

I'll end this comment by saying that my piece of advice for drawing comics is to eat a goldfish, just like Fujimoto! You'll draw like him in no time.

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:DDD thank you sm!!!! that's interesting, no ones said that before and i never noticed that. but yeah it does look like my physical work, i think it's cause i just do the same old things. i wanna learn how to paint digitally bc i used to paint traditionally with acrylics and pastels!!

ALSO WHAAT THATS A CRAZY COINCIDENCE. but fr i forget too, theyre so good omg.

alright taking notes hmm eat pet goldfish...record levitation video...make acoustic song about food...get bullied by girls at art school and enjoy it...

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

I forgot about him trying to levitate, that's like one of the best videos on the internet.

by Slip_Moth; ; Report

i think that ones incredible lolol but my absolute favorite is for sure the food song

ahhhh i wish comments would let me attach the link to a text instead of sending the full thing but. here it is!!! its oddly comforting to me

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

How am I hearing this for the first time!?

by Slip_Moth; ; Report