The weird dream I just had

I just woke up from an extremely weird dream, and am writing about it for documentation purposes. I feel like this dream was an astral experience where I was viewing things from the perspective of an alternate version of myself in a parallel version of Earth. In the dream I had my phone, which I don't always have my phone in my dreams but it's something that's been happening a lot lately for some reason. I was watching some YouTube video where someone was talking about their experiences with demons, scrolling through the comments section and one comment in particular caught my eye. This comment felt almost like it was written for me in particular, even though I can't remember what the comment said I just felt that vibe and had the urge to reply. So I did, and in the reply I actually challenged some demon to a fight. I have no idea why I did this, it's something I would never just publicly do in "real" life unless I had a good reason, and even then it's a terrible idea for anyone to do. For some reason I felt it was necessary in the dream and immediately after doing so, I had a false awakening where I almost felt like I had woken up from the dream, even though I was still in it. The dream went on for some time and I ended up forgetting about the comment I posted or what video I was watching even though I knew I had done something that would attract some unwanted attention. Then I came across the video again, saw my comment and woke up in this dimension immediately after. The whole dream was just very weird, which is saying something because my dreams are usually like that but this dream seemed to be on another level. Right after waking up from it I got the sense that the life I'm living now is some sort of punishment for what I did in that dream. Maybe the fight with the demon I was challenging already happened even though I was never shown how it went down, and I ended up losing or something and they managed to trap me in this dimension. I can actually see something like that being the case, either way the dream was just very weird.

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