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if you are a boy/man please read this :)

i am a fourteen year old girl and this is a vent. but this isn't only a vent, this is a message. 

the other day i was touched weirdly for the first time by a grown man. he seemed in his 60's. he grabbed my waist to squeeze past, and trailed his fingers down my back. he didn't need to grab onto anything, let alone my waist. there were tables on either side of him that he could've held. i kept seeing him around.

about a week before that i was looked at by a man maybe in his 30's as if i was his last meal. we were alone and he was looking at me with his chest puffed out. he was a stranger. he didn't need to be in the room with me. it was a small room and i was in the corner. someone came in. i don't know what i would do if they didn't.

i am fourteen. this isn't okay for a fourteen year old. and it isn't okay for a four year old, or a fourty year old either. this shit isn't okay and the worst part is so so so many females have gone through so much worse - and to everyone who has ever experienced any fucked up shit you are not alone. you are valid.

and now - some things men say a lot to try to defend themselves.

"women enjoy it" - did you know that 50% of suicidal women have experienced sexual assault or abuse? did you know that the most common cause of ptsd in women is sexual assault/abuse? did you know that i absolutely did not enjoy having my waist caressed by a random old man. i did not enjoy being stared at with hungry, thirsty eyes. 

"men can get raped too" - although it seems more likely for women to be assaulted sexually than men, this is very true and is most definitely something that needs more attention. men can be raped too. but this post, this blog, is about women. i am speaking for females. if men being raped is something you care about very much, may i suggest speaking out about it and raising awareness instead of trying to remove the point of posts about sexual assault against women, that way the male side of the issue can get more attention, and us females can still have this post/blog to ourselves :)

"its not all men/there's no need to be scared of all men" - you're right, not all men rape. did you know, not all sharks attack humans. in fact a shark attack isn't even very likely. but i am still scared of sharks. even though i know that not every shark will want to hurt me, i still would not trust every shark, because i know what it is capable of doing. this is how many women see men. even though we know not all men want to assault, harass or abuse us, it is still hard for us to trust men, because we know what they are capable of, and what many of them would do to us.

97%. 97% of women are victims of sexual assault. 

this is a cry for help.

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I'm so sorry. I'm also your age, and something similar happened with my ex. I assumed it was okay at the time because we were around the same age but it very much wasn't. Even if it was for a moment it can leave a lot of lasting impact, I'm so sorry and i hope truly that things get better for you. 3

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thank u so much, im so so sorry that happened to u ml 3

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