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songs recs AGAIN

it's been too long. i'm back with more song recs. 

...but home is nowhere - AFI (genre: post-hardcore)

here's yet another song i'm trauma bonded (/hj) to. i've always had mixed feelings about AFI's sound but this song is so undeniably good. considering how everyone knows AFI as the miss murder band, i wish more people would take the time to explore their discography. sing the sorrow is a solid album from start to finish but it feels like i'm the only one who knows that. i would even put their lyricism on the same level as fall out boy's - it's honestly so so underrated. like how do you even think of "absent of grace / marked as infernal / ungranted in dead time / left me disowned"?? fucking amazing. 

low hanging fruit - heart attack man (genre: hxc-influenced pop-punk)

as an avid heart attack man listener this remains one of my favorite songs of theirs. to me, some of the songs on fake blood are a little too long, so this quick burst of energy is refreshing when listening to the entire album. short, fast punk songs own my heart, what can i say. the lyrics are also real as fuck and just straight bars (sorry millennials it's 10am). heart attack man mock those who look to others to tell them what to think and what to believe. "i'm shallow and lazy / a fucking baby". BARS DUDE. you could play this song on repeat for a solid twenty minutes and still not get tired of it (definitely not from personal experience...). all i'm saying is it's energy is unmatched and honestly addicting. 

western nights - ethel cain (genre: sad girl indie)

i've been putting off talking about ethel cain on here because once i start i can't stop. it's gotten to the point where i can't think about my schoolwork or anything because she's all that's in my mind. western nights is from her most popular (and undeniably best) release so far, preacher's daughter, which details the life and death of a southern baptist girl who is kidnapped and eaten by her lover. the album is impressive on its own, but learning the storyline entirely changes and elevates the experience. western nights introduces us to ethel's lover, a violent criminal who ethel swears she will never leave. the song itself sounds like driving slow in the dead of night, not yet knowing you're trapped, a false sense of security. western nights is a common skip among ethel cain fans and i'll never understand why. it's beautiful sonically, and haunting in the context of the preacher's daughter story. 

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