Thoughts on our body as mind.

Tuesday, during our philosophy class, we learned about the theory of Brains in a vat, created by Hilary Putnam.

As a quick recap, it basially consist in the fact that we might only be a brain submerged in a nourishing fluid, linking it's neurons to a super computer that can simulate certain aspects of our reality, and we are not aware of this.

That made me think about something. I'm not too fond of this theory and don't stand for it, but i remembered something that i thought a while ago.

This isn't excactly related to this theory, but in my opinion, our body just serves as a vessel, something that makes us recognizable to others. The way we present ourselves is different to people's eyes, and it will never be the same perception that we think. We are divided into different visions and versions varying from person to person, we'll never be the same one that person x sees in person y's eyes.

I've thought about this for a long while, just wanted to share this little thing as my first blog


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