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Funny about me survey

definitely not stolen by Lee:9)



name: Orion!!!

pronouns: he/they

birthday: April fools day 

(I'm the biggest joke)

siblings: 2...

job: I don't have a job yet...


hair color: dirty blonde, but sometimes I wear wigs

eye color: blue...

height: 5´9

ethnicity: white

look like a celeb: nope!!

dye your hair: yes

have braces: not yet....

wear glasses: sometimes 

wear contacts: no

piercings: 3

tattoos: soon

I really want a chest tattoo: D


color: black, white, and purple:33

video game: hard to choose

tv show: Nyan neko sugar girls ofc...

animal: cats or raccoons

food: potatoes

drink: Cola and water

day of the week: Friday

season: winter 

song: Pretty wild - ayesha erotica

band: evanescence or korn

holiday: Christmas


flower: idk...


summer or winter: neither!!! Fall

cats or dogs: cats

pepsi or coke: water

ocean or pool: pool

black or white: black

chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

rock or rap: both (ill listen to any type of music, besides country music)

tv or movie: movie

stars or hearts: stars

bracelets or necklaces: necklaces


gold or silver: silver 

Bye bye

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