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.About Me*.

name: Ri

pronouns: she/her

birthday: November 15th

I remind people of: Enid (Wednesday), Basil (Omori), Maebh (Wolf walkers) Nimona


hair color: orange n brown 

eye color: ice blue

height: 5’8

ethnicity: irish

dye your hair: yeye

piercings: daith, two lobes in each ear :p


color: black pink and orange

video game: omori

tv show: bojack horseman

animal: wolf/fox/crows/frogs and bugs

food: baguette

drink: iced latte

season: fall

song: f.c.p.r.e.m.i.x by the fall of troy

band: the birthday massacre, the fall of troy, Lebanon Hanover, vestron vulture

holiday: halloween

flower: weeping begonias probably 

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