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- over 30

- under 12

- overly religious people

- mental illness romanticizer/faker

- pro ana/obesity (both are unhealthy.)

- overly sensitive

- posers

- idolize murderers/gr@pists


I dislike talking about religions. Don't dm me just to say this or that is the way. I don't care what you believe in, I respect you though I don't wanna talk about beliefs. I understand that religious people may not want to interact w me due to my opinions on religions and that pretty fine. Boundaries are boundaries and I will respect you :)

Please don't vent to me if you need to be comforted. I find it very hard to comfort people because I'm scared that I may screw things up. I really don't want to make someones day worse without realizing. So even if you are going to vent to me please keep in mind that I suck at comforting, though I can definitely empathize with you. Also please ask before venting even if you don't need to be comforted.

I use nicknames even for people I barely know (ex. dear, love, sweetie etc.) so if that makes you uncomfy please lmk, boundaries matterĀ 

If you are easily offended by words, I'm afraid I'm not the best for you since my love language is insulting. I also tend to ghost people (not for a bad reason most times, I just get exhausted.) so if you easily get offended yes you may interact but I don't think getting close would be a good idea.

If you call scene "scenecore" or think that you will be a scene kid just by listening to 6arelyhuman, kets4eki, punkinloveee, ayesha erotica etc. , gtfo. posers suck my dick!! <3 (tho its perfectly fine if you just enjoy their music but know the difference between their music and actual scene) baby scenesters are absoloutely ok, I will guide you myself :DD yes I gatekeep my culture cry ab it

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