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About me !!

Im scared of people. ♡ I uhm... Am very weird and annoying, ♡ And i like reading. ♡ Im bad with people so talking with me is pretty akward but im not trying to be rude i can promise you that. ♡ Please be patient with me i get distracted easily and zone out often so that may be why I dont answer you (or im asleep). ♡ Im trans (ftm) and a minor. ♡ Im bad at spelling and I can be pretty sensitive about sayori jokes and transphobic jokes so please dont make those around me. ♡ Also if im friending you hours later its bc I got really nervous when i first got sent tons of friend requests and didnt know what to do (im sorry). ♡ My favorite color is blue !! ♡ Im more of a "sweets over savory" kind of person !! ♡ I do wanna make more friends, and im just really akward so i wanna apologize for that once again ;-; ♡ I dont bite (i promise) feel free to talk to me abt whatever you want !! ♡ Im very easy to convince to do stuff so if you have any anime or manga recommendations lmk ill try to read/watch them !! ♡ Also i may not intereact first but I assure you i am going to try and talk with you !! Im just a really anxious person but I really do want to start talking to people more !! ♡ I have major abandonment issues and a really bad fear of storms. ♡ Please do not send me bible verses or religious stuff it makes me really uncomfy and im an atheist. I havent had the greatest time with christians (its not you! Its just issues ive had with my family/old church) so I would prefer if you didnt. ♡ And when I do indeed warm up to you I will be very chaotic (and i apologize if im annoying. Im very sorry if I am.) ♡ And I apologize constantly. If i do something wrong i will try to apologize as much as possible, and i want to apologize if that annoys you. ♡ Im also (attempting to) learning Italian, Greek, Japanese, and Latin !! (Im simply doing it for fun, I dont actually have any purpose for it) ♡ My birthday is November 14th !! ♡ But otherwise feel free to interact !! (especially TBHK fans. Theyre so cool <3) (the blinkies are not mine !!) (Alzo I now uze typing quirkz but im not changing my entire profile around)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRANGER ON SPACEHEY!!!! Hope you have a great day!

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TYYY !!!

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