What is wrong with people


I'm so sick of people not taking a stance and not saying anything about the GENOCIDE (not war) of Palestinians. I know that seeing the images from Gaza can be incredibly disturbing but taking the time to repost and share someone else's messages and news about whats happening can help. Educating yourself and others can help. Listening to Palestinians can help. Boycotting can help. Attending a protest can help. Even using a hashtag on social media can help. There's so many things you can do besides ignore it or not talk about it. It's so sickening to see people liked support the murder of so many people. Thousands of people, even an entire school district, have been killed, and you can't even retweet a social media post about it??? Go on Snap map and compare what Israeli settlers are posting and what Palestinians are posting if you really think the violence again Palestine is self defence. Listen to the Palestinians abroad talking about not having contact with their parents, siblings, cousins, and friends. 

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