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genuinely good at concert band

Since today was Tuesday concert band was after school ! I picked up my clarinet the day before so i got in a little bit of practice b4 the actual rehearsals. We've been learninggggg 4 songs 4 the remembrance day assembly on the 10th? I thnk? 

O Canada

Tears of Arizona 

Horkstow grange

and, Moonlight bliss

All relatively easy to play but I'm always off on the tempo but so far it's been going good !! I've pretty much nailed O Canada aside from some really high notes that take a bit 2 come out and I've been working on the others, I don't feel as behind in the band as I did 2 weeks ago and that's good. Ive finally gotten back into my concert element and I'm feeling good abt it :)

no sleep tonight as long as I still, hear the drums of the city rain. 

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