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♡ 10:09》 im simultaneously too young and old for this shit

》so ppl crying about world war 3 (as per usual when a world event occurs)

》and ofcourse everyone who isn't there is providing their take like its gospel

》and ofcourse im entirely too focused on my own life to give a fuck

》I keep up with world events and try to stay in the know, but the internet is a cesspool of misinformation, paid and ranked opinions, armchair experts, and grifters who try to make each specific issue about the same 3 points that support their narrow bias

》as a 20 something, I truly and from the bottom of my heart do not give a rats ass

》if the old psychopaths want to wage war on each other its literally none of my business because I cannot do a single thing about it

》as long as there are humans, there will be division and violence in the name of self-serving ideals that should die when the fossils die too

》each generation has their canon event I suppose

》all we can do is wake up and deal with the part of life infront of us, but be educated to what happens broadly from as much of a practical stance as possible

》i used to hope everyone reaped what they sowed, but bad people live great lives all the time, and the world is nothing but chaos driven forward by the rich and powerful who use war, plagues, and discourse like a business

》stay safe gen z, cause the old people wildin'

》{Bobbie has left the chat}

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