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Walpurgis nigth summary :・゚✧:・.☽

Walpurgis Night is a festival in which it takes place between the transition period of the month of April and May, specifically from April 30th to May 1st.

Every night from April 30 to May 1, tens of thousands of people make the journey to the mountain range and are greeted by neopagans. The festival begins with dancing, then a huge bonfire is lit and drums resound. Once the midnight fireworks are extinguished, we welcome the one who will bring with her health and fertility, the successor of all witches: the May Queen.

Before Christianity spread, these European beliefs (specifically German) carried out different rituals whose function was to ward off spirits, these witches or people who with these beliefs carried out this type of rituals in the Harz mountain range, in the center of the country. German.

The Christians had their rumors that the witches when climbing this mountain were accompanied by goats to make different sacrifices but the truth is that it is just a simple false rumor.

For centuries, the belief was preserved that that night witches flew on brooms, cats or goats to the Brocken, the highest mountain in the Harz Mountains (in the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt), to celebrate their rituals. Hence Walpurgis Night is also known as Witches' Night.

(It is worth emphasizing this summary in some parts I made a summary and in others I had help from some sources of information such as YouTube and Wikipedia)

- tobi ✩

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