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cool links to sites i like

✭: flash warning

༗: eyestrain warning

-https://tamanotchi.world/ (https://tamanotchi.world/) cool virtual tamagotchi for your site 

-https://gifcity.carrd.co/ (https://gifcity.carrd.co/) a carrd with all the gifs ever ✭༗

-https://blinkies.cafe/ (https://blinkies.cafe/) make your own blinkies! ✭༗

-https://medium.com/@CKEspanol/79-blue-smiley-emojis-gallery-ffe84acc6a1a an entire news article with 79 of those blue emoji reaction images. like thats the whole article just the blue smileys
-https://www.clownillustration.com/welcomehomeyou the site for the welcome home arg :o) ✭༗

-https://99gifshop.neocities.org/ retro-style searchable graphics site ✭༗

-https://picrew.me/en/image_maker/2039890 sup jew picrew

-https://picrew.me/share?cd=nsamCO3icc my favorite picrew ever (+ a free picrew of me to get a glimpse of what i look like teehee)

-https://picrew.me/share?cd=tEZ6HpCQ8E my other favorite picrew ever (tw for knives & needles occasionally & shit)

-https://gifypet.neocities.org/ (https://gifypet.neocities.org/) free interact-able pet for your site 

-http://jansgraphics.com/ (http://jansgraphics.com/) an ancient graphic site i have to assume was once run by a kind old grandmother ✭

-https://hekate2.github.io/buttonmaker/ custom web button maker

-https://archiveofourown.org/works/30297129?view_adult=true the absolute worst south park fanfic in existence (various triggers, all in the fic tags)

-https://archive.ph/2015.09.02-021451/http://free-smiley-faces.de/ free smileys archived
-http://www.dereksavage.com/coolcat.htm (http://www.dereksavage.com/coolcat.htm) cool cat’s website !!!!!!!!!! ༗

-https://crouton.net/ crouton

-https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6829556/2/My-Immortal my immortal fanfiction archived

-https://web.archive.org/web/20090806152543/http://geocities.com/brandy8706/blinkies.html old ass archived graphics site ✭༗

-https://www.moonconnection.com/ learn abt the moon & get a moon phase widget!

-http://www.coolspacetricks.com/online-now-icon/ old myspace online now icons ✭

-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LmIRbEhRYUk a very good video

-https://www.gamehouse.com/blog/leet-speak-cheat-sheet/ learn 1337! (warning: r slur) ༗

-https://buddymeter.com/ test your friends’ knowledge of you

-https://flamingtext.com/ generate the famous flame text & more! ✭༗

-https://archive.org/details/malwaremuseum archived malware! (dw this wont download a virus to your device) ༗

-https://www.cameronsworld.net/ old website that’s just so cool :) ✭༗

-https://bongo.cat/ play the bongos with bongo cat :)))

-https://supplies.ju.mp/ lotsa graphics ✭༗

-https://terror.crd.co/ a terrifying amount of graphics teehee ✭༗

-https://www.snazzyspace.com/ pimp your tumblr blog!

-https://www.teamultima.org/flag/ make a custom pride flag! you can combine existing flags or make your own!!

-https://swan.uwu.ai/ (https://swan.uwu.ai/) cutecore resources & codes

-https://kevingal.com/apps/emojipasta.html bot 🤖😭 that 👨👏 adds emojis 👌💢 to text 📲📲

-https://multiverse.plus/worldofzack whole lotta stamps ✭༗

-https://mariobluegloves.info/ learn the truth about mario.

-https://harlekine.neocities.org/ cool oc generator!

-https://wrongwarp.neocities.org/funstuff/sparkleanimalgen sparklecreature maker!!

-https://all2048.com/ha4to-cats 2048 game with 3d low poly cats :3

-https://archive.org/details/g4rf13ld whatever the hell this is man i just googled myself & this came up

-http://www.generatorland.com/usergenerator.aspx?id=2364 demon oc generator

-http://www.generatorland.com/usergenerator.aspx?id=18504 cute plushie generator :)

-http://www.4degreez.com/misc/dante-inferno-test.mv see what circle of hell you’ll be in

-https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/569268 newgrounds nyan cat game :) (only works on computer) ✭༗

-https://web.archive.org/web/19961226192236/http://www.paranoia.com:80/ sick ass old archived website

-https://www.nerdtests.com/ fun quizzes with html boxes at the end so you can place your results on your profile!!

-https://www.myspacegens.com/ cool codes & tricks for your page

-https://www.cursors-4u.com/ so many fucking cursors

-https://funnyorangecat-dotcom.neocities.org/ my website teeheehee ✭༗

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while we're on the topic of those blue emoji things, the official creator of them has a site dedicated to them called https://bluemoji.io/ and they even release new emojis from time to time

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yooo that’s so sick! thanks for letting me know dude :)

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no clue who you are but SLAYYYYYYYYY

by Xx_g4rf13ld_xX; ; Report