a poem for my beloved

under the sky, so blue and vivid, i

see a fairy, dressed in black

her voice is silent, posture - timid

in shadows drenched her frail back, she's

roaming through the mansion halls, and

only god knows, what she's thinking

maybe, about demolishing these walls?

in which her gentle heart's been living

yet every day she still wakes up

a bird, imprisoned in a cage

nobody's ever raised a cup

as celebration for her rage

today, again, she'll shed her tears, and

she will toss and turn in bed

until the morning lights her fears, in

hellish flames and burns the dread, and

it will all begin again

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❥barbara's profile picture

by the way, the first letters of each row do spell out "ushiromiya natsuhi"
i am very down bad for this anime woman........ that's why the formation is a bit off :3

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