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(10/08) fall leaves! yahoo! | entry #12

hello friends :-)

  how have we been?

i’ve been okay! for now, at least. a lot of things have happened since we last spoke, and i can’t wait to tell you all about what you’ve missed! i just hope you’re willing to listen X)

probably the main event was that i went to a disney park recently! i (unfortunately) have no pictures, so you’ll have to take my word on it when i say it was enjoyable!

my family members are, like… permanent passholders or whatever, so they go pretty frequently to the parks. i’ve been opting out for the past couple years due to how much it wears me out, but i decided to finally throw in the towel and break the multi-year no-disney streak. 

we mostly walked around and visited some areas with unique foods and drinks, the occasional ride or two (speaking of which, that guardians of the galaxy ride is gnarly. made me get a tiny crush on peter quill? for some reason? hey, don’t ask me) and a pit stop for dinner and ice cream (which was good! i got double scoops of chocolate! (ME??? getting CHOCOLATE ice cream????? unheard of. get your usual vanilla, you prude) 

overall it was a nice time! it was something i’m sure the people i went with were used to, but looking out at the sky and seeing the water with those dry yellow fairy lights hung up in the resort we were put stopped at just felt (this is so ungodly cliche and equally cringe but) magical. like something that would be hard to replicate normally, you know? now hand over your wallet so you can see it too!!!!!! (kidding. you know me)

another thing was i got a lot of new toro merchandise! i received a pair of slippers (that SQUEAK when you step! how cute is that?????) and a minty green apron with toro and friends scattered across the cloth. it has a mcdonald’s logo, so i’m guessing it’s linked to the toro on holiday cards you can find pretty easy on eBay. (still wish we had a solid answer to what purpose those served.)

i ordered a mainichi issho booklet a while ago, but the seller messed up and sent me… a one piece cook book! they offered a full refund, and i got to keep the book, but… dude! i know nothing about one piece! wat za hel! (also, i found another one on eBay and bought it after the refund came through. still waiting for it to ship… and praying it isn’t like last time! second time’s gotta be the charm!)

and now… my final piece of update! i chatted a lot with my coworkers today! 

“BOOO, WORK TALK” i hear you cry, but hold on! let me cook before you throw the meal out.

i decided to talk with some of the newer coworkers that got hired after i did in july. sure, i’d spoken with them before, but not nearly as in-depth as i did today! we chatted on the floor for hours, time fading away as we did almost nothing but talk and put the occasional item back in its spot. near the end of our shifts, we formed a plan that i can’t wait to tell you guys about. you’re gonna wanna sit down for this, cause i’m gonna blow your socks off! we made the idea of buying sonic onesies together to wear around the store and match, but also go see the five nights at freddy’s movie in them in our mall’s AMC! isn’t that so amazing????? i’m living my teen movie dream right now!!!!!!!

i’ve been in such a negative stupor for most of my life, and being able to do this stuff makes me feel so… free. almost like i can finally breathe. i’m a bird free from its cage! sure, the bird will still remember being in the cage and the bad memories that come with it, but it goes on! it flies forward, sings songs, and even ruffles feathers with others! a dove unshackled from his past, and finally free to create his present. his future, too! isn’t that crazy? almost feels like i have too much power. 

until next time,

     your forever friend diiv :-)

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