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utsu-p cds

one day i WILL have every utsu p cd.... i WILL....

i swear to the Heavens

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Me staring at an ustu p album listing on ebay hoping that my magical brainwaves will suddenly make the price drop from £19293882818 to £0.99

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some advice for you, do not look on ebay or discogs. it's very overpriced. look on surugaya or mercari for example - you'll need a proxy though. i got TRAUMATIC for a good price on there.

by bon; ; Report

by "there" - mean mercari.

by bon; ; Report

That's actually really helpful, thanks🙏

by Woomamell<コ:彡; ; Report

you're welcome - good luck!
that super expensive listing for DIARRHEA on ebay is so frustrating to look at - it's my favourite album and there's no way im paying that much 33

by bon; ; Report

i tried to send a broken heart but it only kept the 3s ok

by bon; ; Report

HELP I hate that spacehey blocks out html in posts

by Woomamell<コ:彡; ; Report


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me but with kikuo

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i NEED kikuo's yume no kane cd so bad

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