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Who am I? (Intro)

Hi I'm agent 09 I am 14 years old and go by they/them but I prefer I am transgender/non-binary. I like to listen to music, play video games the ones I played right now were (splatoon 3, Mario kart 8 deluxe, portal 2 and Scott Pilgrim vs the world: the game) I only play on my switch because it's the only console I own. The type of music I listen to are pop (my fav type), rock music, and hip hop, some of my favorite artists are Linkin park, grouptherapy., Michael Jackson, Laura Branigan, odetari, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, the creator, and more. Some of my favorite movies and TV shows are, Loki, the owl house, amphibia, sonic x, the Simpsons show and movie, fast and furious 4, sonic the hedgehog 1 & 2, Michael Jackson moonwalker, This is it, the Mario movie, and emesis blue, and some other movies. And I'm collecting cassette tapes now because I like cassette tapes even tho I grew up with CDs. And that's everything about me.

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