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my mspfa (webcomic!); info and storyline for funsies+info storage (UPDATED REGULARLY!! :o3)

Name: Arisen


personalities/character details: ok so the first introduced is named Lily shes liker superr enthusiastic and talks "LIKE THIS1!!11!" and she lieks bad music, the seocnd introduced is named zach hes this emo mf whos obsessed wth spiders and talks "== like this. ==" Third is cece, a spoileld ass rich carefree btichc with scene fashion, then gege her twin sistetr whos lirk the opposite annd a fucking NERD

for the trolls i hadiin mind that the characters woudl be introduced in reverse bloodtypes so the first introduced is this mutant half pirple ha;f violet half clown half fish bitch with like a normal outwards personlality adn a secret clown personality! namemd Xylies Toalex

1!!1 and another like this crazy ass golfblood btcich named Marcez Cutlem and then uhh idk i haevv this blueblood idea in mindnd but i lost the charactetr sheet

summary/basic info: I made up arisen likee 4 months ago (8/23) and i was workingf on it for a hwile til someone i thgiuut i could truts totally ruined itt!! The comic is about 4 kids and 8 trolls where tejh trolls were basically geneticslly or whatever inclined to hate humans, due to their dancestprs havign a session with evil ones wjich resulted intheir death, so the new trolls were subliminally told to hate them, btu then the hgiheblood and most improtant in session falls in love with the uhuamn (oh no!) and umm a bunch of drama happens and eventually since the troll was not supposed to fall inlobe the entrie session breaks

wanna help?: the mspfa is currently in its concept/development stages, but if all goes well it will have its own site, and i may upload more comics on that same site! (maybe at least half a yr from now.. :o( ) I originally had a collab project in mind, but due to delays and complications i cant do that without new help.. plsplspplss helpr mee!!

these acts are ideas until i can make panelss (phone is borken)

Act 1: Act 1 begins introduinmg Lily, where she is seen confused, this si later revealed to be ebcause of a half-successful session reset. liyl is expecting 3 presents outside her room for her brithday (which she didnr even remember until she peeked outside her door bcs of the reset!!), but before those are grabebed, she examines her room as any good mspfa has.,,,ans has a convo with zach (a sillloushete of him is shown during this but not the full him) but then omga! he goes silent in the middle of the convo! to put her midn off of it mary grabs her presents, 

inside the first is anew type of sylladex or whatever the way u grab stuff is called (syltype will be in mspfa), the second is a new weapon strife tihing with a note that says "youll need this" in her msoms handwritign, thid makes her confused cause what???.. huh?!!? (her mom is her from the previous session but she doesnt knwo that hashtag time paradox?!!), the third presenty has nothing???!! oh waitno it was just under the ntoe.. it says "please tyry your best in this game, you will knwo whats right!" and under the ntoe is the sburb game, and some kidna cord?? mary puts the game thingy in and struggles to be able to get into the game butttt eventualyl joins it. it cust to cece aftter she pust the game in whehre cece is seen lookingg nervous, andn then her twinsister is liek bangingng on her door in anger (cece had tje last bagel or smeomthing) but jsut before her sistter is about to break in it  cuts to zach (still silloheute) where he is watchingng lily go intno the game. annd then it ends rigiht with the um thingy and the meteors jus t like hoemstuck

Act 2: lily is in the game!! INNN it!! she starst freaking out cause liek.. omg.. shes IN the game.. zach is like suepr calm and cool abouot it though, and her othrr friends (not determined yet) are struggling to get into the game as they were trifked by one of the stupid evil trolls and given a hacked session (this is eventuallt "fixed" but it turns otu some kinda irremovable internal thing messes up the session thingy completely) (prevoisoult said irremovable thing is what caused the reset thingy).

Act 3: no ideas yeettt :(

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