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today has been somewhat of a good day since in my school had a jeans day and i got to wear a pretty outfit. 

today i didn't see him but i don't really care since i was more focused on how hungry i was (and have been all fucking day ughhh i just want to eat lunch :( )

also today i got a 6 on a test ( in my country the highest grade is a 7) and it was kinda funny bcs i was one of like 4 6's in a sea of 1's and 3,4's jskajkssa

i want to go home and take a really loooooooooooooooooooooooong nap in my bed woth alllllll of my plushies :3

also, i want to give a HUUUGE thanks to the people who took time to cheer me up and approached me and talked to me, it means a lot to me to have people see me as approachable and someone interesting to talk to. 

thank you for reading today :3

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